Yesterday was the day MAMA 2013 in HONGKONG!!

I woke up and i was like oh yeah today is the MAMA, should I watch it or not. But i decided to watch it with my friend at school(BAD IDEA) I never really likdes the MAMA shows, because i dont know. I dont think its fair how they give awards to idols and blablbalbala.. and most of the times it was really boring.

So i went to school around 11.30am or something, first I had a test from 11.30 to 12. My friend and I were like OMG we need to watch MAMA now~!! so we started our laptop and were searching for the live stream!! But luck was on our side, because the teacher told us to take a break. We were like fyeah so we can fangirl right now!

So we didnt watched the red carpet and the beginning. Tbh the only thing i can remeber was when there was a promo video about troublemaker and suddendly I saw some men with INFINITE signs. I was like OMG OMG.. you didnt know but i was going crazy, almost screaming, My friends were like what are you doing and I was like OMG INFINITE OMG ITS INFINITE DAMN OMG and then trouble maker was coming out and hoya and i dont know and at the ending hyuna and hoya. I JUST DONT KNOW!! Seungri’s reaction was so damn funny. AND THEN FREAKING INFINITE PERFORMED BTD OMFG HOW MUCH I HAVE MISSED SEEING THEM PERFORM THAT SONG AND THEN AFTER THAT DESTINY LIKE DAMN DAMN DAMN!! i was dying!! I have never fangirled so much after their Destiny comeback! I almost cried i guess. After that I did watch the show but I think i forgot everything. I know GD won a lot of awards and he deserve it!! And the most awesome performance (ofcourse infinite kekeke) was bigbang, how I wish daesung was there!! WHERES MY OT5!! And freaking T.O.P Singing his new song live!! Like wow Bigbang really were great!! Best performancer of the show!! And the most funniest performance should be Ylvis and Crayon pop, I was like dying of laughter together with my friend ahahaa.. Just omg ahaha! (Sorry for saying omg so many times, im still fangirling i guess).
So enough talking here are the winners of the show!!

Best  New Female Artist

Crayon Pop | Kim Ye Rim | Ladies’ Code | Lee Hi | Yoo Sung Eun

TBH i had wishted ladies code would win this award, because their debut song was awesome, if you didnt check it out! You should do it you will not regret! I also voted for them. I thought Kim Ye Rim will win because she also won on the Melon music awards but I was wrong because Crayon pop won. I think because of their song BAR BAR BAR. Such an annoying song but its really catchy and congrats to the girls!

Best New Male Artist

Roy Kim |BTS | Bumkey | Jung Joon Young | Yoo Seung Woo

I voted for BTS, because yeah i love them. The only male artist i know here are Roy Kim and BTS. And yeah i dont really care who won because both of them are great! Congrats to Roy 🙂

Best Female Artist

Lee Hyori | Ailee | Baek Ji Young | IU | Sunmi

I voted for sunmi in this round. Because im a huge wonderful and i was so happy when she came back. And this was one of the best song JYP had produced of this year. But Lee Hyori had an awesome comeback too, I really liked miss Korea and bad girl! Congrats to lee hyori!

Best Male Artist

G-Dragon Cho Yong Pil | Lee Seung Gi | Lee Seung Chul | Psy

Ofcourse non other than G-dragon. I didnt expect anything else! Congrats My baby ❤

Best Female Group

Girls’ Generation | 4minute | f(x) | 2NE1 | SISTAR

I was watching the show together with my friend and suddendly we saw SNSD, we were like huh? i was like im sure SNSD is going to win something why would they be here if they win nothing right. i knew they were going to win and my friend was like no they are just here because out of respect and blablbalaa and guess what they won the best female group! and in this round i voted for F(x).

Best Male Group


You dont know how freaking happy i was when i heard this. First i didnt believe it because i thought EXO would have win this award but no it was INFINITE!! im so proud of them and please EXO fans dont bash them please! Congrats to infinite!!

Best Dance Performance – Female  Group

SISTAR – “Give it to Me” | 4minute – “What’s Your Name” | Crayon Pop – “Bar Bar Bar” | Girl’s Day –  “Expect” | Girls’ Generation – “I Got a Boy” 

I think i voted for 4minute. But sistar won 🙂 Congrats ^^

Best Dance Performance – Male Group

SHINee – “Dream Girl” | B1A4 – “What’s Going On” | B2ST – “Shadow” | EXO – “Growl” | INFINITE – “Man  in Love”

SHINee totally deserve this awards.  Congrats!

Best Dance Performance – Female Solo

CL – “The Baddest Female” | G.NA – “Oops!” | Lee Hyori – “Bad Girls” | Seo In Young – “Love Me” | Sunmi –  “24 Hours”

In this round i voted for sunmi again 🙂 and CL won congrats ^^

Best Dance Performance – Male Solo

G-Dragon – “Crooked” | Jay Park – “Joah” | Psy – “Gentleman” | Seungri – “Gotta Talk to U” | B2ST’s  Yoseob – “Caffeine”

G-Dragon won again! wiehoe. In this round i voted for Seungri because i love my panda!
Best Vocal Performance – Female

Ailee – “U & I” | Davichi’s “Turtle” | IU – “The Red Shoes” | Lee Hi – “1,2,3,4” | Lyn –  “Breakable Heart”

Ailee deserved this award so much, i mean how perfect can someone be! Congrats ailee i will Always support you!

Best Vocal Performance –  Male

Lee Seung Gi – “Return” | 2AM – “One Spring Day” | Cho Yong Pil – “Bounce” | K.Will – “Blossom” | Lee  Seung Chul – “My Love”


Best Band Performance

Busker Busker – “First Love” | Dick Punks – “Viva Primavera” | Nell – “Ocean of Light” | Jaurim – “25,  21”


Best Music  Video

G-Dragon – “Coup D’Etat” | Busker Busker – “First Love” | Cho Yong Pil – “Bounce” | Lee Seung Chul – “My  Love” | Psy – “Gentleman”

Congrats to our leader kwon! Again winning a big award! Im a proud vip 🙂

Artist of the  Year

G-Dragon  | EXO | Girls’ Generation | Psy | Cho Yong Pil

what should i say im just proud!
Album  of the  Year

EXO – ‘XOXO’ | Girls’ Generation – ‘I Got a Boy’ | G-Dragon – ‘Coup D’Etat’ | SHINee –  Chapter 1. Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You | Cho Yong Pil – ‘Hello’

A lot of people are like EXO doesnt deserve this award. Did you guys ever had listen to their album. EXO xoxo album is one of my favourite album of this year. Like every song on this album is freaking amazing, from ballads to dance songs! what else can you aks! Eventhough Wolf wasn’t that great but Growl was awesome, the dance, the song just perfect! So please stop saying EXO doesnt deserve it!

Song of the Year

Cho Yong Pil – “Bounce

Psy – “Gentleman” | Busker Busker – “First Love” | Girls’ Generation – “I Got  a Boy” | Crayon Pop – “Bar Bar Bar” | 2AM – “One Spring Day” | B1A4 – “What’s  Going On” | CNBLUE – “I’m Sorry” | EXO – “Growl” | G-Dragon – “Crooked” | G.NA –  “Oops!” | MFBTY – “Sweet Dream” | Girl’s Day – “Expectation” | Geeks – “Wash  Away” | Nell – “Ocean Of Light” | Davichi – “Turtle” | Dynamic Duo – “BAAAM” |  DickPunks – “Viva Primavera” | Lyn – “Breakable Heart” | Jay Park – “Joah” |  Baechigi – “Shower Of Tears” | Verbal Jint – “If It Ain’t Love” | B2ST –  “Shadow” | SHINee – “Dream Girl” | Seo In Young – “Love Me” | Sunmi – “24 Hours”  | Seungri – “Gotta Talk to U” | SISTAR – “Give it to Me” | CL – “The Baddest  Female” | IU – “The Red Shoes” | Yoseob – “Caffeine” | Ailee – “U&I” | Lee  Seung Gi – “Return” | Lee Seung Chul – “My Love” | Lee Hi – “1,2,3,4” | Lee  Hyori – “Bad Girls” | INFINITE – “Man In Love” | Jaurim – “25, 21” | K.Will –  “Love Blossom” | 4minute – “What’s Your Name?”

TBH i had never listened to this song. I voted for infinite ofcourse!

Next Generation Global Star Award  A Pink

I hope Apink will become bigger and bigger. i really loved their song NO NO NO!

Worldwide Performer Award INFINITE

THB when i heard Infinite were coming to the MAMA’s i was like what! Which award could they win. In the voting rounds they were almost last. Which award could they win! Suddendly i saw a promo video about Infinite OGS and after that Infinite were walking on the stage receiving their award! I was like OMG they won a freaking award. So they didnt come for nothing. And im happy they won this award. And im really suprised that they performed because they were so busy with their tour! just congrats to my boys again!!

And yeah this was my review of the MAMA 2013. Congrats to all the winners again! and lets wait for the last end-year shows and award shows!!


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